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University of Wisconsin–Madison


Get access to human tissue samples without an IRB-approved protocol

If you’re ready to expand your genetic and protein expression analyses to human tissues, but don’t know where to obtain these precious specimens WITHOUT an IRB-approved protocol, then the Translational Science Biocore (TSB) Biobank and Translational Research Initiatives in Pathology (TRIP) may be right for you! We are able to collect and store patients’ donated remnant surgical tissue, biopsy samples, autopsy samples and many other samples along with linked medical and outcomes data. We have both cancerous and non-cancerous tissues collected from all different types of organs. We also offer histological, imaging and molecular services, such as tissue staining, tissue microarray (TMA) creation and human cell line authentication, and equipment rental for all your histology/pathology needs.  This 2018 study in The American Journal of Pathology used both Biobank and TRIP services to establish a link between markers of inflammation, collagen organization and patient outcome using a TMA that included 371 patient-donated breast cancer samples. Please contact the Biobank or TRIP labs to help move your research forward!