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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Education Resources for Core and Shared Resource Managers

Articles and online courses to support business operations

FASEB Maximizing Shared Research Resources Report and Webinar
Through a survey of users and providers of shared research resources, FASEB documented their many benefits and identified four key areas for improvement. This report details survey findings and offers recommendations on how the research community can leverage shared research resources to bolster biomedical research capacity. On January 19, FASEB hosted a webinar highlighting the recently released report, which presents findings and recommendations based on a survey of users and providers of shared research resources.

CYTO University offers many free online courses and webinars through ISAC (International Society for Advancement of Cytometry).  Webinar content covers many broad topics that apply across cores and shared facilities, not just those in cytometry or life sciences.  A webinar on Equipment Maintenance is scheduled for Tues, Feb 20 at 11:00 am Central Time.  Registration is free.

Finance 101 is a CYTO University series including Budgeting, Rate Setting, and Equipment Maintenance.  To access recorded webinars, sign in with a registered account (free), then select Education > CYTO U Webinars > Topics & Pricing > Add to Basket.  The webinar will be made available via streaming or download at no charge.