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This document contains an explanation and list of the districting plan for the Committee on Academic Staff.

The CASI consists of 12 voting academic staff members, ten of whom are elected by the Office of Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education's academic staff and two of whom are appointed by the Vice Chancellor. There are two non-voting members, the Vice Chancellor, the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Budget and Personnel. The Committee may recommend to the Vice Chancellor that additional non-voting member(s) be appointed to provide ongoing expertise in any area(s) that it deems necessary.

The districting plan places each of the approximately 900 staff in one of 10 districts for the purpose of electing voting members of the CASI. The plan favors OVCRGE Center and location over job title in contrast to the Assembly plan which favors job title. The larger Centers are somewhat under-represented relative to the smaller Centers.

District Description

APP Appointed by the Vice Chancellor
EO Ex Officio

1 Waisman Center
Titles: Research Specialist (no prefix & senior), Researcher, Scientist
2 Waisman Center
Titles: Assistant Research Specialist, Research Program Manager, Psychologist, Instrument Technician, Instrument Specialist, and all titles with Clinical in them
3 Waisman Center (see below titles), Wisconsin Energy Institute (all titles), American Family Data Science Institute (all titles)
Titles: Rehab Specialist, Outreach Specialist, Administrative Program Specialist, Marketing Specialist, Media Specialist, University Relation Specialist, Development Specialist, Information Processing Consultant, Counselor, Systems Programmer
4 Space Science & Engineering Center
Titles: Researcher, Scientist, Research Specialist
5 Space Science & Engineering Center 
Titles: All other titles not in district 4
6 Primate Research Center
7 Biotechnology Center, Institute on Aging, Research and Sponsored Programs
8 RARC, Aquatic Sciences Center, Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center, Biotron, Laboratory of Cell and Molecular Biology, Institute for Molecular Virology
9 Physical Science Lab, Arboretum, Wisconsin IceCube Particle Astrophysics Center
10 OVCRGE Admin (-RSP), Graduate School, University of Wisconsin Press, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, D2P, HS IRB

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