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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Bringing the Cryo-electron Microscopy Revolution to UW-Madison

Cryo-electron microscopy (cryoEM) is currently revolutionizing the biosciences by enabling the imaging of macromolecules, viruses, and cellular substructures at near-atomic to atomic resolutions. Advances in detectors, computation, and EM design now produce high-resolution images of rapidly frozen samples that disruptively surpass current methods (e.g., X-ray crystallography) because they require far less material, capture natural states, do not require crystallization, and enable time-resolved imaging.

Many UW-Madison researchers now seek to use cryoEM in diverse and innovative ways that will help keep the campus at the bioscience frontier. A cross-college cryoEM initiative seeks to enable this research with several interlinked efforts. This UW2020 project will fund the acquisition of key components for assembly and operation of a state-of-the-art cryoEM facility at UW-Madison, as well as the hiring of a PhD-level staff scientist/facilitator to aid researchers in cryoEM experiments and to guide use of new cryoEM equipment.

The new cryoEM scientist/facilitator will play an instrumental role in ensuring UW-Madison researchers can take full advantage of available equipment and in optimizing the use and maintenance of newly acquired cryo-electron microscopes and supporting equipment.

Principal Investigator

  • Robert Landick
    Professor of Biochemistry and Bacteriology

Co-Principal Investigators

  • Paul Ahlquist
    Professor of Oncology and Plant Pathology
  • Samuel Butcher
    Professor of Biochemistry
  • Marisa Otegui
    Professor of Botany and Genetics


  • Anjon Audhya
    Associate Professor of Biomolecular Chemistry
  • Bill Bement
    Professor of Zoology
  • Baron Chanda
    Associate Professor of Neuroscience
  • Ed Chapman
    Professor of Neuroscience
  • Katrina Forest
    Professor of Bacteriology
  • Katie Henzler-Wildman
    Associate Professor of Biochemistry
  • Hazel Holden
    Professor of Biochemistry
  • Aaron Hoskins
    Assistant Professor of Biochemistry
  • James Keck
    Professor of Biomolecular Chemistry
  • John Markley
    Professor of Biochemistry
  • Tom Martin
    Professor of Biochemistry
  • Julie Mitchell
    Professor of Biochemistry and Mathematics
  • Kate O’Connor-Giles
    Associate Professor of Genetics
  • Ann Palmenberg
    Professsor of Biochemistry
  • Ivan Rayment
    Professor of Biochemistry
  • Mike Sussman
    Professor of Biochemistry
  • Yongna Xing
    Associate Professor of Oncology


  • Jerry Hunter
    Director of the Materials Science Center