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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Server and Storage Infrastructure Refresh for Data Processing Cluster


The Bioinformatics Resource Center (BRC) is a core facility at the University of Wisconsin Biotechnology Center (UWBC) that is dedicated to the analysis of biological data. The BRC manages and maintains the data processing pipelines needed to derive meaningful information from the raw data produced by the instruments operated by UWBC core facilities. The center has established high-throughput pipelines to process raw instrument data and deliver the resulting analysis to UWBC clients. BRC offers several tiers of analysis support, all users benefit from our primary data processing and quality control pipelines, which are essential to the operation of the Biotechnology Center.

The BRC provides services to a wide range of users both on and off campus and is doing it all on hardware that is nearing the end of its practical lifespan. Much BRC infrastructure is originally from 2010.  Reliability and efficiency are becoming an issue.

This infrastructure upgrade supports increased computer power and server capacity at the BRC, to allow the center to continue to provide the level of service its clients are expecting.


Christina Kendziorski Newton, professor of biostatistics and medical informatics


Derek Pavelec, director of the Bioinformatics Resource Center


Christopher Bradfield, director of the Biotechnology Center and professor of oncology

Stephen Meyn, director of the Center for Human Genomics and Precision Medicine and professor of pediatrics

Mei Baker, co-director of the Newborn Screening Laboratory/Wisconsin State Lab of Hygiene


Biotechnology Center/Bioinformatics Resource Center