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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Replacement of a Workhorse Scanned Probe Microscope in the Nanoscale Imaging and Analysis Center for Nanoscale Imaging and Property Measurements


The Nanoscale Imaging and Analysis Center (NIAC) in the College of Engineering provides high technical and scientific expertise. This project allows for the replacement of a workhorse scanning probe instrument housed in (and supported by) the NIAC. Scanned Probe Microscopy (SPM) instruments underpin fields across campus, receive very intensive use and are a key component of the professional preparation of scientists. The capabilities of these instruments have evolved quickly and replacing NIAC’s existing instrument is an important step in bringing modern capabilities to campus.

The current Bruker Multimode 8 SPM is the highest resolution SPM at the center and remained has unchanged for more than 25 years. The software can no longer be upgraded. The sample size is also seriously limited.

Purchasing a new state-of-the-art SPM solves the above problems and allows for the addition of several accessories not available on the current platform.  The dynamic mechanical analysis at the nanoscale (nanoDMA) enables the measurement of mechanical properties, which is not available in other imaging techniques.


Michael Arnold, professor of materials science and engineering


Jerry Hunter, director of the Wisconsin Centers for Nanoscale Technology


Julie Morasch, instrument innovator/SPM expert at NIAC


Wisconsin Centers for Nanoscale Technology