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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Transformational survey of local group galaxies with the Karl Jansky Very Large Array and HTCondor

This project addresses the key missing piece in our understanding of galaxy evolution and star formation — the physics of atomic gas (HI). The HI represents the majority of gas in present-day galaxies and spans an enormous range of temperature, density,= and dynamical state. However, HI properties of external galaxies have remained unknown for years due to lack of high-resolution observations.

A new survey with the Karl Jansky Very Large Array, called the “Local Group L-Band Survey,” is revolutionizing the field by exposing the physical state of HI in several external galaxies. The survey is using an unprecedented amount of observing time, and sophisticated analysis techniques, to place the physical state of HI in the context of star formation history and galactic dynamics. The UW’s CHTC is providing a key platform for data processing, paving the way for future collaborations between UW and the National Radio Astronomy Observatory.


Snezana Stanimirovic, professor of astronomy


Brian Bockelman, investigator for the Morgridge Institute for Research

Jay Gallagher, emeritus professor of astronomy

Miron Livny, professor of computers science

Vikas Singh, professor of biostatistics and medical informatics

Eric Wilcots, professor of astronomy