State Economic Engagement & Development (SEED) Research Program

The State Economic Engagement & Development (SEED) Research Program grants allow UW–Madison faculty and academic staff to engage in innovative research, generate additional private- and public-sector support for their research programs, and promote technology transfer between the University and industry.

We invite proposals for fiscal year 2016-2017 that focus on research that is technically innovative, of interest to a broad economic sector, and has a high potential to benefit Wisconsin's industrial and economic development in the near term.  The $600,000 in currently available SEED funding will be used to fund approximately 3-5 proposals.


 *****Proposals for FY '17 are now being accepted and must be received no later than February 15, 2016 to receive consideration for funding*****

 To qualify for funding, the following 3 criteria must be met:

  1. The research will take place on the University of Wisconsin–Madison campus;
  2. The faculty or academic staff applicant has ownership in a Wisconsin company which spun out from their prior UW–Madison research; and
  3. The proposal includes a statement on how the research may benefit that spinoff company.

Your submission must include the following tasks:

  1. Budget Form (SEED Budget FY16-17)
  2. Project Proposal, including the following sections (not to exceed 6 pages):
    1. Abstract
    2. Research plan
    3. Identification of PI and key personnel
    4. Concurrent and future research plans
    5. Statement on how research may benefit your spinoff company

 Proposals that meet the above criteria will be reviewed by a committee comprised of individuals involved with tech transfer in a variety of campus capacities.  Proposals are reviewed by a committee and results of pending proposals are typically available within 4-6 weeks of application deadline.

Due to changes in funding from WARF for Tech Transfer RAs, the SEED program has revised its process. In the event your proposal is selected for SEED funding, you will receive further communications from the SEED committee explaining the new process and whether or not your proposal qualifies for Tech Transfer RA funds.

Submission Instructions

Page Limit

            Limit your total submission to ten pages (proposal plus budget).

Submit your proposal

PIs: Use WISPER to route your proposal.

  • On the General tab:
    • Select “Grad School” as the document type.
    • Select “University of Wisconsin-Madison” as the sponsor.
    • Ensure all clearance questions are answered and any required protocol information is provided.
  • On the “Attachments” tab, upload a copy of the entire application as a PDF file.
  • Electronically complete the PI signatures for both Award and Proposal.
  • Route to your division as you do with other WISPER records.

School/College: Do NOT submit the WISPER record to the SPO. Sign the WISPER record and route directly to Richelle Martin.



Deadline to apply for FY16-17 is February 15, 2016

Questions? Please email:

To submit your final SEED report, send it to this email address: