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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Introducing the Microbiome Hub!

Introducing the Microbiome Hub!  Microbiome Hub is a joint venture between the UW Biotechnology Center and the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, making use of current prowess at UWBC in sequencing and bioinformatics and WID’s strength in data storage and management. It will support researchers interested in tackling a broad spectrum of microbiome related studies from investigating fundamental questions, developing new techniques and methodologies to understanding the impact of microbiome across different fields. The hub will provide a broad spectrum of services such as technical expertise (data analysis), consultation, coordinating collaborative research, data management and conducting outreach activities. Overall, by harnessing the significant research already taking place at UW, world class expertise and facilities we aim to develop the Microbiome Hub as prominent center for microbiome research at UW.

Connect via email with Sailendharan Sudakaran, Microbiome Hub Manager < > or visit Hub Central in the Discovery Building during office hours (Wed 9:00 -11:00 am & Thur 2:30 – 4:30 pm).