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University of Wisconsin–Madison

UW-Madison Resources for Core and Shared Resource Managers

Campus resources for networking and communication

Lab Management Community of Practice
Community driven best practices for lab management professionals at UW-Madison. Collaborate with colleagues who share similar challenges. Share your expertise. Join us to discuss ways to optimize lab and core success. This community is for anyone who is in a lab management role including research labs, core labs and instructional labs. Visit the Lab Management COP and/or join the email list.

Campus Supervisors Network
The one-stop shop for promoting leadership and personnel management at the UW-Madison. Campus Supervisors Network is a Community of Practice, formed out of the desire for more communication and discussion between managers in the various divisions and units of our vast organization. A mini session, Fostering a Culture of Employee Appreciation and Recognition, will be held April 5, 2018.

Forum for Lab Managers
Purchasing Services hosts a discussion board for topics of interest to lab managers and purchasers.  Harness the collective wisdom from the hundreds of labs across campus and engage creatively with each other.