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University of Wisconsin–Madison

IRB IEP Project Team

Advisory Working Group Membership

Chris Sorkness, Chair, IRB Member

Peter Rahko, MR IRB Chair

Mark Copelovitch, ED/SBS IRB Chair

Michael Peterson, HS IRB Co/Vice Chair

Scott Nagle, HS IRB Co/Vice Chair

Gretchen Anding, HS IRBs Assistant Director

Becky Hoffman, HS Full Initial Review Team Lead

Monica Esquibel, HS Exempt/ Expedited Team Lead

Casey Pellien, ED/SBS IRB Director

Natalie Callander, IRB Member/PI

John Stevenson, IRB Member/PI

Kristina Matkowskyj, IRB Member/PI

Elizabeth Cox, PI

Stephanie Jones, PI

Sarah Stewart, UWCCC Assistant Director of Clinical Research

Anne Ersig, IRB Member/PI

Allan Brasier, ICTR Executive Director

Betsy Nugent, Chief Clinical Research Officer

Lisa Wilson, Legal Counsel

Ex-Officio Members

Travis Doran, HRPP/PAM

Nadine Connor, IO

Lynn Haynes, ORC Director

Carol Pech, UW Project Manager

Tom Bechert, Huron Project Manager