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OVCRGE-CASI Meetings 2020

Agendas, minutes, and upcoming locations of 2020 meetings of the Office of Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education CASI.

Monday, January 1355 Bascom HallAgendaMinutes
Monday, February 10 55 Bascom HallAgenda Minutes
Monday, March 9
55 Bascom HallAgendaMinutes
Monday, April 13
Bb Collaborate Ultra
Monday, May 11Bb Collaborate Ultra
Monday, June 8
Bb Collaborate Ultra
Agenda Minutes 
Monday, July 13
Bb Collaborate Ultra
Agenda Minutes
Monday, August 10Cancelled 

Monday, September 14
Bb Collaborate Ultra
Agenda Minutes
Monday, October 12Zoom
Monday, November 9
ZoomAgendaNone - No quorum
Monday, December 14

Keywords: CASI