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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Human Exercise Research Core Facility to Serve the Broader Campus

There is growing evidence that physical activity has a profound impact on a wide array of aspects of both physical and mental health. Currently research involving nutrition, exercise or physical activity is scattered among a number of labs and clinics on the UW-Madison campus. The breadth, depth and impact of this research is limited by the lack of a centralized facility where researchers can conduct exercise-related studies and interact with each other regarding the wide array of variables that are affected by physical activity. The “Human Exercise Research Core Facility” will be a comprehensive, multidisciplinary core that facilitates research in this growing area of need.

The facility will provide a centralized space for measuring several aspects of exercise capacity and physical function. It will provide equipment to measure such factors as exercise capacity, exercise metabolism, muscle function and body composition and, for investigators new to this type of research, it will provide expertise in experiments related to exercise and cognition, metabolism, and cardiopulmonary function. The core will boost funding potential, catalyze collaborative initiatives, and enhance research impact for a diverse array of researchers on campus. At the same time it will open new avenues for innovative research and collaborations in this area.

Principal Investigator

  • Gary Diffee
    Virginia H. Marsh Professor of Kinesiology

Co- Principal Investigators

  • Dorothy Farrar‐Edwards
    Professor and Chair,
    Department of Kinesiology
  • Dane Cook
    Department of Kinesiology
  • Bill Schrage
    Department of Kinesiology
  • Jill Barnes
    Assistant Professor
    Department of Kinesiology
  • Barbara Bowers
    Associate Dean for Research
    Charlotte Jane and Ralph A. Rodefer Chair
    Helen Denne Schulte Professor
    School of Nursing
  • Randall Gretebeck
    Associate Clinical Professor
    School of Nursing