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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Replacement of a Workhorse Raman Spectrometer in the Nanoscale Imaging and Analysis Center


The Nanoscale Imaging and Analysis Center (NIAC) is a shared resource facility with instrumentation for characterization of both organic and inorganic materials using high end electron microscopy and microanalysis techniques.

This project allows purchase of a properly configured demonstration Raman unit to replace the Raman and photo luminescence spectrometer that has been a workhorse for diverse groups from chemistry, physics, and geology, as well as many of the engineering departments. It allows micro Raman and photoluminescence measurements at high spatial and spectrographic resolution. The system needs to be upgraded.

The current blue (HeCd) laser is at the end of its 5,000-hour lifetime and must be replaced to keep current capabilities. It is required for photoluminescence measurements for wide bandgap semiconductors. In addition, it allows for greater surface sensitivity for thin semiconductor film Raman measurements, because blue light is more strongly absorbed. This project meets another need in adding a dielectric 785nm filter that would extend the range of samples that could be measured. The current software is out of date and is suited for expert users only.


Padma Gopalan, professor of materials science and engineering 


Jerry Hunter, director of the Nanoscale Imaging and Analysis Center 


Don Savage, instrument innovator/Ram expert, Nanoscale Imaging and Analysis Center 


Wisconsin Centers for Nanoscale Technology