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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Digital Back-file Archives for Five Russian or Soviet Periodicals


This project will acquire the digital archives of five Russian/Soviet periodicals. The periodicals are Nedelia, Soviet Woman, Rossiiskaia Gazeta, Ogonek (St. Petersburg) and Pravda Ukrainy. The UW–Madison Libraries hold or have held partial runs in various formats (print, microfilm, electronic) of four of these publications, but does not have complete runs in any single format of any of these publications.

These publications are of wide interest to scholars and students of Russian political science, law, history, literature, cultural studies, gender studies, and Ukrainian politics, history and culture.

While Nedelia, Rossiiskaia Gazeta, Ogonek (St. Petersburg) and Pravda Ukrainy are all Russian-language periodicals, Soviet Woman is in English and thus is accessible to non-Russian speaking undergraduates as a window into Soviet-era women’s and gender issues as portrayed by an official Soviet publication.


Kathryn Hendley, Professor of Law and Political Science


George Andrew Spencer, Distinguished Bibliographer for Slavic, East European, Central Asian, and Middle Eastern Studies


Francine Hirsch, Professor of History