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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Black Mobilities


This project provides access to publications about African diasporic communities. Periodicals, magazines, and newspapers are an essential source of information about the experiences of these groups.

The acquisition relies on a multifaceted resource from ProQuest called the “Black Studies Center,” which includes the following resources:

  • Schomburg Studies on the Black Experience (a database presenting interdisciplinary topics on the African experience throughout the Americas via in-depth essays accompanied by detailed timelines along with research articles, images, film clips, and more)
  • Black Literature Index (fiction, poetry and literary reviews published in 110 Black periodicals and newspapers from 1827-1940)
  • The Marshall Index (this historic index was the first to exclusively cover Black periodicals. It was formerly named A Guide to Negro Periodical Literature, and covers the period 1940-1946)


UW–Madison already has access to several parts of the “Black Studies Center,” however, ProQuest now stipulates that the entire “Black Studies Center” (and not individual modules) be purchased. The addition of these databases will extend UW-Madison scholars’ abilities to do research in a more comprehensive suite of resources with much broader chronological coverage of relatively obscure periodicals.

Black Studies is a complex, interdisciplinary field. Resources acquired through this project will appeal to scholars in a variety of disciplines, including English, History, African Cultural Studies, Afro-American Studies, and Legal Studies.


Laila Amine, Assistant Professor of English


Susan Barribeau, Library Collections Curator


Nina Clements, English Humanities Librarian