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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Research committee members

Lea Jacobs

Associate Vice Chancellor for Arts & Humanities

323 Bascom Hall


Karen Britland English
Steve Dembski Music
Jeremy Hutton Classics
Rudy Koshar History
Eric Raimy English & Linguistics
Steven Ridgely East Asian Languages and Literatures
Michael Titelbaum Philosophy
Anne Vila French & Italian
Christopher Walker Dance

Norman Drinkwater

Associate Vice Chancellor for Biological Sciences

330 Bascom Hall


Andrew Bent Plant Pathology
Natalia De Leon Gatti Agronomy
Dorothy Farrar-Edwards Kinesiology
Paul Friesen Biochemistry
Anthony Ives Zoology
James Keck Biomolecular Chemistry
Bruce Klein Pediatrics
Edgar P. Spalding Botany
William Sugden Oncology
Beth Weaver Cell and Regenerative Biology
 Xinyu Zhao Neuroscience/ Waisman Center

Steve Ackerman

Associate Vice Chancellor for Physical Sciences

325 Bascom Hall


Soyoung (Sue) Ahn Civil and Environmental Engineering
Azadeh Davoodi Electrical and Computer Engineering
Lisa Everett Physics
Hongrui Jiang Electrical and Computer Engineering
Mutlu Ozdogan Forest and Wildlife Ecology
Shanan Peters Geoscience
Eric Shusta Chemical and Biological Engineering
Anita Thompson Biological Systems Engineering
Stephen Ventura Soil Science

Jan Greenberg

Associate Vice Chancellor for Social Studies

332 Bascom Hall


J Michael Collins Consumer Sciences
Scott Gehlbach Political Science
Monica Grant Sociology
Alfonso Morales Urban and Regional Planning
Guanming Shi Agricultural and Applied Economics
Kristin Shutts Psychology
Stephanie Tai Law School
James Walker Economics
Earlise Ward Nursing