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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Early Modern Resources at UW–Madison


This project will fill in the gaps of our multidisciplinary print and electronic collections of early modern scholarship. “Early modern” is being defined broadly here and encompasses 1300-1800 AD in Europe and its global contacts. The investigators are especially looking to fill gaps in queer, trans*, and feminist scholarship on the early modern period, history of race and indigeneity, as well as disability studies. Our great tradition of early modern studies at UW–Madison is  enhanced by acquisitions in these new directions in the field.

The acquisition consists of 48 titles from more than 20 imprints and publishers in both print and electronic formats where possible. In a few instances, the Libraries already owned the title in one format and not the other. Having both formats enhances accessibility and researchers value different formats at different stages of the research process.

Many of the titles strengthen the UW’s strong foundation in early modern resources (in the circulating collections, existing e-resources, and Special Collections); others open up innovative perspectives from queer and disability studies; most draw on insights from multiple disciplines. These new emphases (gender, queer studies, and disability studies) in early modern studies are important for ongoing research by faculty and graduate students, and as a major research library, UW–Madison needs to keep pace with these trends. Some of the titles also encourage a fruitful interaction with current scholarship in medical history.


Elizabeth Bearden, Professor of English


Nina Clements, English Humanities Librarian, Memorial Library


Mark Vareschi, Associate Professor of English

Robin Rider, Curator of Special Collections, UW–Madison Libraries