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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Data Science Initiative Application Instructions

The competition is now closed. The deadline to apply was March 15, 2018.


• The lead Principal Investigator (PI) must be a UW-Madison faculty member or a researcher with permanent PI status.
• CHS faculty and academic staff without permanent PI status may participate as co-PIs, co-investigators and collaborators.

How to Apply for a Data Science Initiative Research Award.

If you have questions or if you experience technical issues when completing your application, please email:

All applicants must provide:

1. A project title

2. A list of anticipated co-Principal Investigators, co-investigators, and collaborators

3. An abstract (equivalent to one page of printed text) that addresses the following topics (in accessible language):
• What is the problem you are trying to solve?
• What are the innovative features, the potential impact, and the significance of the project?
• What are the expected outcomes?

4. The amount of funding requested

5. A single PDF file that contains a narrative (not longer than five pages) that describes:
• A statement of the problem being addressed
• The innovative features, the potential impact and the significance of the proposed work.
• A detailed description of the approach that you will use to address the problem. This section should include a list of activities to be completed.
• If the research proposal is to curate and make large datasets or computer hardware available to the broader campus, the proposal should include (a) a plan to staff and maintain this research effort after the period of Data Science funding ends, and (b) provide a description of how these data will be made available to campus investigators.
• A statement of the expected outcomes of the proposed work, including how the activities to be completed will provide the necessary foundation for seeking external funding.
• A timeline of research activities for the funded period
• A plan and timeline for external grant submissions related to this Data Science award.
• If graduate students will be involved, a statement describing their proposed role in the research project.
• If other funding was previously received for this or a closely related project, please provide the title of the grant, list the PI and all co-PIs, the funding agency, the period of funding, and the project abstract or a brief description of project.

6. If appropriate, a single PDF file that contains one or more of the following optional materials:
• One page of figures or tables to accompany the narrative (it is also acceptable to submit a narrative with figures and tables embedded in the text, up to six pages long)
• References (citations from the research literature)
• Letters of support or commitment to the project

7. In Excel format: A detailed budget request, indicating the individual staff to be supported and other categories of funding that will be needed. Although collaborations outside of UW-Madison maybe beneficial, Data Science funds cannot be used to cover these expenses. The budget may include faculty salary for summer support only. Faculty with 12 month appointments are not eligible for faculty salary support. Use the Budget Template, which you will upload to the on-line submission system. When you enter salaries for FY19 and FY20 please anticipate budgeting a 2% salary increase for each year.

8. In a PDF file: A budget justification that explains the rationale for each item in your budget. Proposals will not be reviewed if missing an itemized budget justification.

9. In a single PDF file: two-page CVs or Biosketches for the principal investigator, co-principal investigators, co-investigators, and collaborators. Include all current and pending intramural and extramural research support for each investigator