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University of Wisconsin–Madison

NIH Shared Instrumentation Grant (SIG) Program (S10) 2018

To:Chairs and Administrators, Departments in the Biological & Physical Sciences; Associate Deans for Research; College/School Research Administrators
From:Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Graduate Education
Date:February 02, 2018
Subject:NIH Shared Instrumentation Grant (SIG) Program (S10) 2018 PAR-18-600


Deadline for Notice of Intent:April 02, 2018

Project Description

The Shared Instrument Grant (SIG) Program encourages applications from groups of NIH-supported investigators to purchase or upgrade a single item of expensive, specialized, commercially available instruments or integrated systems. The minimum award is $50,000. There is no maximum price requirement; however, the maximum award is $600,000.

Types of instruments supported include, but are not limited to: X-ray diffractometers, mass and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometers, DNA and protein sequencers, biosensors, electron and light microscopes, cell sorters, and biomedical imagers.

Amount per Award: $50,000-$600,000
Duration of Award: 1 Year – Earliest start date is February 1, 2019
Number of Awards: ORIP intends to commit about $35 million in FY 2018 to fund an estimate of 75 awards.


There is no limit on the number of applications an institution may submit, provided the applications are for different types of equipment. The NIH will not accept duplicate or highly overlapping applications under review at the same time.

Multiple applications from UW–Madison for similar instruments require official administrative assurance that such requests are a coordinated institutional effort and not unintended duplication. For this reason, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Graduate Education review of the equipment requested is required.

This is not an internal competition.


Internal Competition Application Instructions

Applications for Internal Review

To submit your application, follow this link:

Please provide the following:

  • Cover Page
  • Name and description of the instrument
  • Statement of intended use
  • List of the potential users

Sponsor Deadlines

Applications are due to NIH ORIP by May 31, 2018.