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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation Career Ready Internship Grant 2015-2018

To:Chairs, Internship Coordinators and Administrators, Departments in the Arts and Humanities, Biological, Physical & Social Sciences; Associate Deans for Research; College/School Research Administrators
From:Office of Vice Chancellor for Research & Graduate Education
Date:May 05, 2015
Subject:Great Lakes Higher Education Corp Career Ready Internship Grant 2015-2018


Deadline for Notification of Intent:May 15, 2015
Deadline for Internal Review:May 22, 2015

Project Description

Creating new paid internship opportunities for college juniors and seniors with financial need is the goal of the Career Ready Internship grant. These grants help colleges partner with businesses to create internships that will make students more competitive in the job market. Career Ready Internship grants are expected to help forge lasting partnerships between colleges and employers focused on offering more paid internship opportunities for students with financial need. These internships offer students meaningful work experience in their fields of study, and have been shown to help them continue in their programs and earn their degrees at higher rates.

Great Lakes will fund 100 percent of up to $150,000 in intern wages and transportation in year one, then step down to 90 percent in year two, and 80 percent in year three. $448,500 maximum. Colleges, their donors, and employers will cover the difference.
This grant requires matching funds.
The grant period for the 2015-2018 Career Ready Internship Grant is October 1, 2015 through May 31, 2018.


UW-Madison may submit one application, although multiple departments may offer internships.


Internal Competition Application Instructions

Notice of Intent

To submit your notice of intent by in Fluid Review, please follow this link:

Information Requested:

Name and full contact information for the PI(s)
Title of Proposal

Applications for Internal Review

To submit your application for internal competition in Fluid Review, please follow this link:

Attach PDF with:

Name and full contact information for the PI(s)
Title of Proposal
2-3 page description of proposed internship program including plan for creating new internships and/or conversion of existing unpaid internships (if applicable); how students will be identified; campus partners; how you will collaborate with external businesses and organizations to create internships; typical duration of internships; typical career fields the internships support; number of students that will participate; and amount you are requesting including plan for meeting the cost sharing requirement.

Sponsor Deadlines

Applications are due to the sponsor by June 25, 2015.