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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Brain Research Foundation Seed Grant Program 2018

To:Chairs and Administrators Departments in the Biological Sciences; Associate Deans for Research; School/College Research Administrators
From:Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Graduate Education
Date:October 03, 2017
Subject:Brain Research Foundation Seed Grant Program 2018


Deadline for Internal Review:November 07, 2017

Project Description

The purpose of the BRF Seed Program is to provide start-up money for new research projects and innovative programs that have the potential of becoming competitive for an NIH grant or other external funding sources. The goal is to have this initial effort succeed in opening future opportunities for research, collaboration and scientific advancement.

The objective of BRF Seed Grant Program is to support new and innovative projects, especially those of junior faculty, who are working in new research directions. BRF Seed Grant awards are not intended to supplement existing grants.

Amount per award: $80,000 (direct costs only)
Duration of award: 2 Years – $40,000 per year


To be eligible, PI must be a full-time Assistant or Associate Professor working in the area of studies of brain function. This includes molecular and clinical neuroscience as well as studies of neural, sensory, motor, cognitive, behavioral and emotional functioning in health and disease. The grant proposal must detail a new research project that is not funded by other sources.

Funding Specifics:
1.) Funding is to be directed at pilot research projects that are both innovative and will likely lead to successful grant applications to NIH and other public and private funding entities.
2.) Assistant Professor – Junior faculty with a new research project that will generate pilot data that will lead to RO1 funding or a comparable outside grant will be first priority.
Must provide abstract and specific aims for current grants and indicate if there is any overlap.
3.) Associate Professor – Faculty who are pursuing new research directions.
Must explain how the project is a new research direction.
Must provide abstract and specific aims for current grant(s) and indicate if there is any overlap.
4.) A new technique is not considered a new direction unless it pertains to a different area of study.
5.) Seed Grants are NOT to be used for bridge funding between grants.

UW-Madison is allowed to submit 1 nomination.


Internal Competition Application Instructions

Applications for Internal Review

To submit your application, follow this link:

Please include the following information:

  • Cover Page
  • Brief summary of program project (2 page maximum)
  • Biographical sketch (using current NIH format) with other support page (5 page maximum)

Sponsor Deadlines

Letters of Intent are due to Brain Research Foundation by January 08, 2018. Applications are due to Brain Research Foundation by March 28, 2018.


Contact Dave Schuster (608) 263-7274 or email