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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Office of Research Development

The Office of Research Development (ORD) is the result of a joint initiative of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education and Office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration.

The overall goal is to increase research funding at the University of Wisconsin-Madison by reducing the administrative burden associated with complex proposals. The ORD will primarily assist UW–Madison researchers by providing proposal development support for large, complex, interdisciplinary grant proposals to both federal and non-federal grant making agencies.

“The Office of Research Development will help expand UW-Madison’s capacity for innovative, groundbreaking research,” says UW-Madison Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education Marsha Mailick. “The ORD is aimed at increasing research funding on campus while decreasing faculty burden in applying for it. This support is critical to their success in securing extramural funding and we are excited by the possibilities the office can offer to the campus.”

“I have seen this approach work on other campuses and we are excited to create the ORD at UW-Madison,” explains Laurent Heller, UW-Madison’s Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration. “We are hopeful that this strategy will help build upon UW-Madison’s long track record of exceptional research leadership and success in the years ahead.”

ORD support includes providing the resources needed to complete the grant application process and offering other support to facilitate the submission of these types of proposals by the campus. More specifically, the ORD provides detailed review of the funding opportunity announcement, establishment and management of the proposal timeline, ensuring all tasks are complete well before deadline, communicating with and advising the lead PI, coordinating flow of effort, and assisting with editing and graphics. The ORD will help assemble points of contact with Deans’ offices, department/center administrations, Legal Affairs, Research and Sponsored Programs (RSP), Business Services, Research Policy, Export Controls, Conflict of Interest offices, and others as needed for the development of complex grant applications.

ORD services will be provided in collaboration with department administrators, Deans’ offices and RSP.

The ORD office is in 250 Bascom Hall. The search for the Director of the Office of Research Development is underway. Two more staff will be added once that position is filled.