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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Research Resources Reporter – July 3, 2018

Wisconsin Science and Technology Symposium July 30 – 31, 2018

UW System research event at UW-Parkside

The Wisconsin Science and Technology Symposium (WSTS) will showcase research from the UW Comprehensive campuses, UW-Extension and UW Colleges. This year’s event will be held at UW­–Parkside on July 30 and 31. The symposium aims to stimulate innovative and entrepreneurial thinking and helps foster new collaborations and partnerships throughout the state.

Want to showcase your research? The WSTS Poster Session offers students the opportunity to present their work to faculty, administrators, community members and fellow students. Do you have a design, engineering, gaming or other project you’d like to showcase? The WSTS Innovation Showcase will highlight creative, hands-on projects across diverse disciplines.

The deadline to submit a poster or an innovation project is July 13

UW Pharmacy Short Courses Aug 6, 2018

Half-day sessions at Fluno Center prior to Land O’Lakes Conference

The University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy will be offering three short courses on Monday, August 6, at the Fluno Center immediately prior to the annual Land O’Lakes Conference.  One or more of the half-day programs might be of interest to core staff and laboratory scientists.

Elemental Impurities Testing 101: Understanding the ICH Q3D and USP <232>/<233> Requirements

Method Validation 101: One Critical Part of an Analytical Method Lifecycle

Practical Statistics for Analytical Chemists

Register by Aug 6.  Course fee applies.  Contact James DeMuth with questions.

See the Division of Pharmacy Professional Development for additional education, training, and certificate programs to support core staff.

Pharmaceutical Conference Aug 6 – 9, 2018

58th annual Land O’Lakes Conference at Fluno Center

Three-day conference focused on the application of analytical techniques to pharmaceuticals. This insightful, interactive annual gathering is an excellent way to advance your knowledge base and network with colleagues from around the globe.  Developed and conducted by the UW-Madison School of Pharmacy.

Register by Aug 8.  Course fees apply.  Contact James DeMuth with questions.

Service Notice for TOMY Microcentrifuges

Respond by Aug 25, 2018 for covered repair

Chamber lids of certain TOMY MX-Series High Speed Refrigerated Microcentrifuges and TOMY MicroTwin Refrigerated Tabletop Centrifuges may accidentally open while in use.  Please see the service notice to check if your instrument is affected.

Respond to TOMY Digital Biology Company < > by August 25, 2018 to arrange for service, or contact Isabelle Girard with questions or concerns.

Core Management Software Demo NOTES

Vendor videos and user feedback from June 14, 2018

Core management software allows users to manage reservations and service requests and to quickly generate invoices, billing files and usage reports. Short videos of several core management software programs in use on campus or at peer institutions were presented, followed by feedback from an experienced campus core manager.

Please see the brief summary of the software presented.  Access to the Box folder containing the video demos upon request to Isabelle Girard.  Note that the pricing models for each software vary and may be based on sharing a site license, total revenue, number of staff, number of users, or other metrics.  Pricing models are ballpark estimates for very simplified (and fictitious) cores and may not reflect actual cost for a specific core or facility.

If you are considering core management software, or have experience with a similar product, please share information with Isabelle Girard to assist in collaboration and coordination.

Freezer Sample Inventory Discussion NOTES

Notes from informal meeting on June 6, 2018

Folks from several cores and shared labs met to share experiences with freezer inventory / freezer sample management software solutions and discuss options for a shared platform.  Please see the discussion notes and contact Isabelle Girard to join the conversation.