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University of Wisconsin–Madison

COVID-19 for Research Cores

Cores are often areas of high traffic with many users coming and going.  Cores are also critical research resources.  With that in mind, all cores must complete the application for return to research and scholarly activities, by Friday, June 5. This application will not be a perfect fit for cores, but it will provide campus, departments, centers, and building managers with information regarding building density to allow all of us to manage a safe ramp-up of our research.  Please fill this out to the best of your ability, focusing on the plan for on-site staff.

Many cores have been and continue operating at a very basic level since the Stay at Home order was issued.  I greatly appreciate and admire the hard work and efforts of all core staff at UW to support essential research during this time.  I have completed this application for the Flow Lab and will be available via email,, for any questions that you might have while completing your application.

If you have not already done so, I strongly encourage each core to prepare an SOP for Phase 1 operations for your staff and users to follow and reference, and to send that to your users and post on your core websites.

Below are some additional instructions for completing this application:

All questions must be completed for submission. Please choose the best fit answer for your core.

Question 3, Contact Information: We understand that some Cores have multiple locations, even in different schools, colleges, departments, and/or centers. If this is the case, the application should be routed to your administrative/budgetary, or supervisory “home.”  Add the relevant contact for your additional location(s) as well, so each school/department is aware of all on-site staff and activities in the spaces for which they are responsible in the Add Collaborators Section after completing Question 3.

Question 6, Description of Research Activities: Please indicate the Director of the Core Facility, and any additional notes regarding on-site staffing that are not captured in Question 9. It is not necessary to list all activities that occur in your core, a one sentence description of the type of research your core supports is sufficient.

Question 9, List of On-Site Staff:  List only core staff. List all rooms in all buildings that your staff may need to enter (i.e., your core maintains a piece of equipment located in another building, your core accepts/drops off samples from/to another core).

Question 12, Do proposed research activities involve use of other cores?:  Please list any cores that your staff will be accessing. Does your core deliver or accept samples from other cores?  Does your core maintain a piece of equipment located in another core, department, or building? Does your core participate in a research/assay pipeline with other cores?


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