Benefits and policies

Photo by: Jeff Miller

There are two types of Postdoctoral Scholars at UW–Madison: Research Associates and Postdoctoral Fellows/Trainees. Salaries, benefits, and some policies vary depending on title (see benefits summary). Type of appointment will be stated in your appointment letter.

Research Associates are usually funded from a principal investigator's grant funds or other sources rather than from fellowship funds awarded an individual.

A Postdoctoral Fellowship or Postdoctoral Traineeship is an award, funded by an outside organization or agency, to the institution or individual. Postdoctoral Fellowships will be assessed a fringe benefits charge (see rates page on the Research and Sponsored Programs Web site). This cost is generally covered by the "institutional allowance" or "research allowance" provided with your fellowship. See your department administrator for details about how this charge will be covered on specific fellowships for which you plan to apply, or have received.

Policies & procedures