Office of Postdoctoral Studies

The University of Wisconsin–Madison is proud to train over 750 postdoctoral trainees each year who are performing research in fields ranging from astronomy to the humanities.

Postdoctoral trainees require specialized mentoring, and training resources, support and opportunities that differ from the needs of faculty, staff and students. The training experience at UW–Madison prepares postdoctoral trainees to succeed in a wide variety of careers.


The UW–Madison Office of Postdoctoral Studies strives to enhance the postdoctoral experience by:

  • Providing postdoctoral trainees with access to robust professional development training.
  • Assisting faculty in the recruitment, mentoring and professional development of postdoctoral trainees.
  • Advocating for postdoctoral trainees and optimizing the postdoctoral training experience.
  • Educating the campus community on issues related to postdoctoral training.
  • Collaborating with local offices and national organizations to address the unique needs of all parties involved in the postdoctoral training enterprise.

Contact Information

Questions relating to postdoctoral training at UW–Madison should be directed to Imogen Hurley, PhD, Director, Office of Postdoctoral Studies (, 608 265 6225).