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Cross-Campus Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Committee Charter

This document describes the roles and responsibilities of the UW-Madison Cross-Campus Human Research Protection Program Committee (Committee).

  1. The Committee is responsible for:

    1. Advising the HRPP, including IRBs, on issues relating to human research protection.

    2. Assisting the Institutional Official with oversight of the Human Research Protection Program (HRPP), including the UW-Madison Institutional Review Boards (IRBs).

    3. Ensuring consistency among all locally developed IRB policies with respect to interpretation of state and federal laws and guidance, University policy, and accreditation standards.

    4. Review and approval of all campus-wide policies for the HRPP.

    5. Facilitating communications and exchange of information about human research protection across the HRPP, especially the IRBs, between the HRPPs and the UW-Madison’s research community and the UW-Madison community as a whole.

    6. Communicating directly or through the UW-Madison HRPPs with University officials, faculty, and staff, as necessary, about regulatory requirements governing human research protection and interpretations of those requirements.

    7. Facilitating access by researchers to cross-disciplinary information and training about human research protection through the UW-Madison Graduate School.

    8. Advising the Institutional Official (IO) regarding the suspension of human research privileges and reporting to federal authorities in matters involving noncompliance, unanticipated problems and suspension and termination of research.

  2. The Chancellor of the UW-Madison appoints all Committee members.

    1. Core Members include:

      1. The UW-Madison Institutional Official, who serves as Chair of the Committee

      2. The Deputy Institutional Officials

      3. HRPP Directors/IRB Office Directors

      4. Office of Research Compliance Representative

      5. College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Representative

      6. School of Education Associate Dean

      7. The chair of each of the UW-Madison IRBs

      8. Alternates may be appointed by the Chancellor upon recommendation of the Deputy Institutional Officials

      9. Other members at large selected by the Chancellor for a 1 year term

    2. Ex-officio members, non-voting, include:

      1. Representative of the UW-Madison’s Office of Legal Affairs.

      2. The primary administrators from each of the UW-Madison IRBs.

      3. Office of Research Compliance Director

      4. Other ex-officio members at large selected by the Chancellor for a 1 year term

    3. Consultants may be invited to attend when policies affect their areas (ex. Conflict of Interest Committee or Research and Sponsored Program Representatives)

  3. Committee Operations

    1. The Committee meets quarterly or more frequently as needed at the call of its chairperson.

    2. The Committee uses Roberts’ Rules of Order to conduct its business.

    3. Committee business is not initiated without a quorum, which is more than half of the core members.

    4. The Committee keeps minutes for each of its meetings.

    5. The Committee applies the UW-Madison IRB Member Conflict of Interest Policy to Committee members and consultants.

    6. The Office of Research Compliance provides staff support for the Committee in fulfilling its responsibilities

Adopted by: Human Research Protection Program Committee
Adoption Date: September 7, 2006
Revised: June 7, 2007
Revised: September 13, 2007
Revised: December 4, 2008
Adopted by: Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Policy
Adoption Date: September 1, 2014
Revision Date: September 29, 2015

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