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University of Wisconsin–Madison

Policies and Procedures on Academia-Industry Research

The following documents, collectively known as the Third Way Report, provide institutional policies, procedures, definitions, and guidelines for establishing effective academic-industrial partnerships. The matters described are relevant to all parties involved in promoting, negotiating and carrying out sponsored research agreements.

UW–Madison is a world-class research institution, with research faculty and staff who are brilliant, creative problem solvers, and with a deep pool of students who are destined to become leaders in their chosen disciplines. Moreover, substantial public investment has built a research infrastructure that simply may not be available anywhere else in the world. Through this unique synergy of talent and environment, UW–Madison creates knowledge and distributes it broadly to the betterment of human kind. UW–Madison actively seeks partners who share our vision of the relevance and value of scholarly inquiry to address problems across the spectrum of human need.

Industry sponsors are encouraged to engage and benefit from this expertise and infrastructure. Sponsored research provides an outstanding opportunity for development of mutually beneficial partnerships, where both the university and sponsor bring substantial value to the collective effort.

Sponsors are encouraged to review these policies and recommendations with their chosen university partners and with the appropriate university research administrators prior to developing formal agreements.

Likewise, university investigators are encouraged to review these documents and be aware of their institutional obligations and responsibilities prior to working with industry sponsors. These preparatory review efforts will help to clarify the most desirable pathways forward and to avoid confusions and misconceptions that might otherwise arise.