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Available postdoctoral positions at UW–Madison

There are two types of Postdoctoral Scholars at UW–Madison: Research Associates and Postdoctoral Fellows/Trainees. Research Associates are usually funded from a principal investigator’s grant funds or other sources rather than from fellowship funds awarded an individual. A Postdoctoral Fellowship or Postdoctoral Traineeship is an award, funded by an outside organization or agency, to the institution or individual. Salaries, benefits, and some policies vary depending on title. Type of appointment will be stated in appointment letter.

An electronic listing of vacancies posted by departments via the Academic Personnel Office.  Updated weekly.

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Research in aging, geriatrics, and lifespan development.

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The central mission of the McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research is twofold:

To pursue outstanding research programs directed toward understanding the causes and biology of cancer and the factors that regulate normal and neoplastic growth and differentiation.

To provide training of the highest quality in basic cancer research at the graduate and postdoctoral level.

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WID is dedicated to advancing theoretical and laboratory research in distributed, information-rich systems. WID identifies, characterizes and exploits informational mechanisms at the interfaces among physical, biological and social systems using novel experimental, computational and theoretical approaches.

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Aquatic Sciences Center


Babcock Institute for International Dairy Research & Development

Biotechnology Center

Biology Education, Institute for


Cardiovascular Research Center

Center for Women’s Health & Women’s Health Research

Cooperatives, Center for

Dairy Research, Wisconsin Center for

Demography & Ecology, Center for

Education & Work, Center on

Excellence in Family Studies, Center for

Executive Education

Fusion Technology Institute

Health Systems Research & Analysis, Center for

Health Emotions Research Institute

Humanities, Center for the

Humanities, Institute for Research in the

Integrated Agricultural Systems, Center for

Keck Biological Imaging Laboratory, The

Laboratory for Optical and Computational Instrumentation

Laboratory of Cell and Molecular Biology

La Follette Insitute of Public Affairs

Land Tenure Center

Limnology, Center for

Molecular Virology, Institute for

Physical Sciences Laboratory (PSL)

Poverty, Institute for Research on

Quality and Productivity Improvement, Center for

Rheology Research Center

Social Systems Research Institute

Southeast Asian Studies, Center for

Space Science & Engineering Center

Survey Center, University of Wisconsin

Synchrotron Radiation Center

Tobacco Research & Intervention, Center for

Trace Research & Development Center

Waisman Center